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Our team is driven by the conviction that baseball still reigns supreme as America's pastime and the greatest game on Earth. However, we acknowledge that the youth version of the game could use a makeover. While charming, traditional youth baseball games tend to drag on, stretching too long and becoming overly complex and difficult for young players. Moreover, youth baseball games don't provide enough at-bats and defensive opportunities to help kids develop their skills and improve their confidence.

Enter BashBall.

BashBall revolutionizes youth baseball by zeroing in on its most thrilling elements: hitting and defense. In each BashBall game, players enjoy approximately 20 at-bats and defensive opportunities. Over the nine-week season, this means players will have approximately 200 competitive at-bats and defensive opportunities, respectively. With no pitching or baserunning involved, BashBall maintains a brisk pace without taxing kids' arms or bodies. Gone are the typical moments of idleness on the bench, kicking dirt, or picking grass in the outfield. BashBall provides non-stop action at a fast pace that keeps players fully engaged at all times.

We firmly believe that young athletes thrive when they're actively competing and genuinely enjoying the game. BashBall seamlessly blends everything kids love about baseball—hitting, fielding, competing, and playing with their friends—while eliminating the factors that dampen their enthusiasm: sluggish gameplay, limited action, challenging pitching, errors, strikeouts, and scarce opportunities.

Our mission is to reintroduce the joy to youth baseball, reinvigorate player development, and inject excitement back into the sport. Much like the carefree days of "Street Ball," "Wiffle Ball," and "Homerun Derby," BashBall is designed to enhance your child's skills, and reignite their passion for America's favorite pastime.
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